Babboose is a zhu zhu baby


It's Whish! There goes Babboose sliding past. If there is one thing in the world Babboose adores most, it's a good slide! Wild and rambunctious, the tyke will slide down anything; railings, stairs, hills-you name it! However, last year, this little hamster injured his paw and had to be taken to the Zhu-mergency room. Ever since then, he's learned his lesson and slides with caution!


Name: Babboose

Gender: Male

Color: Yellow

Diaper Color: White

Birthmark: Playground Slide

Birthday: 10/16

Hates: Getting Hurt

Family: Pipsqueak (sister), Patches (sister), Butter Cheeks (sister), Nanners (sister)

Lives in: The Daycare