ZZP Pet Bamboo 0

Bamboo is a zhu zhu pet.


Since Bamboo was born, this panda bear look alike has loved nibbling on bamboo trees! Bamboo is the silliest of all the ZhuZhu Pets. She often times wishes that she was a real panda bear and could sit in the forests in China and eat bamboo all day long. Instead of squeaking Hamster Talk, she growls like a bear!


Name: Bamboo

Gender: Female

Fur Color: Black and White

Animal: Hamster (looks like panda)

Birthmark: Bamboo Stick

Birthday: 06/30

Birthplace: China


Bamboo has a black nose in the photo but she really has a pink nose.

Family: Hank (brother), Spottie (sister),Pinkie (sister),Peachy (sister),Dezel (brother),Boo (brother),Shamrock (sister),Friday (sister)


Bamboo's Birthmark.