Princess Sebille

Princess Sebille is a zhu zhu pet.


Some may wonder what happens to a beautiful princess when she becomes older: The answer is that she transforms into a noble fairy godmother! Sebille was once the princess of a marvelous kingdom called Zhu-novia. However, as she grew older, her sons and daughters began to fill their rightful spots as the leaders of the land, and Sebille began to strangely obtain magical powers. In the middle of a hazy dream one night, Sebille heard Princess Snowcup desperately calling for help. The former princess jumped out of bed to the rescue, but to her surprise, she was flying!


Name: Fairy Godmother Sebille

Gender: Female

Color: White and Pink

Birthmark: Part of the Castle

Birthday: 05/24

Family: Prince Serenity (brother), Princess Snowcup (sister)

Lives in: A Castle with Snowcup and the gang