86227 Jelly

Jelly is a zhu zhu pet. She is Eva's pet robot Chipmunk.

She appears in Object Madness Halloween Movie when Kendryck saw her that she is a robot.


Cheery and bright, Jelly loves to eat anything sweet and delicious-especially Jelly. When she was a little chipmunk, she would sneak into her mama's cupboard and eat jelly straight out of the jar. Her mommy chipmunk would get upset with her especially when she got her sticky paws all over the furniature, but you can't help but love Jelly's sweet demeanor.


Name: Jelly

Gender: Female

Color: Pink

Animal: Chipmunk

Birthmark: A Leaf

Birthday: 7/16

Family: Nutters (brother), Butters (sister), Tabatha (sister)