Marmie is a zhu zhu baby


The oldest of the Zhu Zhu Babies, Marmie can't live without her naptime. Give her a warm bottle of milk, and she's out like a light! Always yawning and sleepy, you'll find this tiny tyke frequently snoozing in her cradle. She even giggles in her sleep when she is having a happy dream!

If there is one thing Marmie loves most in this world, it's a good thunderstorm. Anytime it rains, she catches raindrops with her tongue. After the storm passes, Marmie likes to cuddle up to her pink blanket "Ninnie" and sip on some yummy chocolate milk!


Name: Marmie

Gender: Female

Color: Pink

Diaper Color: Purple

Birthmark: Thundercloud

Birthday: 11/1

Family: Pinkie (mother),Tex (Father)