Mr. Squiggles is a Zhu Zhu Pet. He was one of the first hamsters released and appears on the Zhu Zhu Pets logo. He was also one of the main characters in Quest For Zhu.


He’s the fussy and finicky hamster who’s been there, done that, and lived to tell about it. Get out of his way! He’s a hamster on a mission: explore galore, then explore some more! Love him, pet him, and watch him go. (Just don’t call him cute.)


Name: Mr. Squiggles

Gender: Male

Birthmark: Spiral

Color: Tan

Birthday: 01/31

Family: Scoodles (brother), Peanut (Pets) (sister)

Friends: Num Nums, Chunk, Pipsqueak, Jilly, Nugget, and more!